Saturday, 8 April 2017

Blue Circles (Part 2)

So.. Looking at our new artifact weapon traits; Blue circles are going to be quite predominant this patch.

The 'Pitter Patter' trait, gives us an extra 30% increased healing on Healing Rain (Blue Circle)

Coupled with my legendary Booties, which give an extra 10% healing to those that stand in my blue circle.

Also aligned with 'Empowered Droplets', which increases healing rain's critical strike chance by 8%

Want to Buy Raiders that can stand in blue circles.. cos then I could be AWESOME!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Stalkers, Lurkers and Vacuums.. OH MY!

I was once a long time stalker lurker of a few blogs on the interwebz,  I would visit regularly and read their posts and never comment, but I do things different now that I have my own, particularly after seeing 'stats' in our dashboard control. There is also an added addon you can get to see their IP - which can be handy to ban/block people too.

I found the Jamaica visits quite amusing, because I know who it is. And it's ironic that the lurker never payed any attention to what I said in the guild when he was in it, yet now he hangs off my every word. For the sake of this blog and relative respect for others.. we will from now on relate to him as 'Turdax'.

Apart from the creepy Turdax, I do find the stats quite interesting and am sure as my Blog evolves, I will see different traffic, sources and keywords. Coupled with the addon, you can really break things down and for the sake of recruiting, it could be a really beneficial tool.

It's quite nice too, to see that people actually read what I write.. even if it's only to check in daily to make sure I am not writing about them! (Guilty conscience anyone?)

As a side note and completely offtopic, I bought a new vacuum today and it's friggin awesome! It could suck the chrome off a car, the colour out of a marble and if you attached it to your anus it would suck your eyeballs out, via your intestines. It's THAT good.

Now I'm not usually one to get excited about electrical appliances, unless it vibrates or charges my batteries to make something else vibrate, but I'm EXCITED!  I'm so in love with it I've even taken it to my friends houses and done little demonstrations for them.

I think I've found my calling. If my career goes down the shitter I can become a vacuum saleswoman. Sucking all over the world.

Make of that what you will.

Farts Go Free

When we moved the Grumpy Old Fart guild over to Thrall from Sargeras in 2015, we initially couldn't retain the original name. After many emails back and forth to the Blizz game masters, we found out that the word 'FART' was now against the ToU (yet it was OK to be GRUMPIER old FARTS.. We just couldn't be Grumpy ones (I know.. my brain hurts too)

Now look... Everybody farts. I don't care if you're Oprah Winfrey or the Queen of England. You pass wind. There's no denying that. And while most men are proud of their bodily emissions, women are not. It's a commonly held misconception that women don't fart. Pfft! Sure we do. We just don't sniff them or raise our leg when we do.

I think we should all embrace our flatulence and let the farts go free. Trying to suppress a fart can not be good for your health. Every time I try to suffocate one I imagine a big toxic bubble making it's way back through my colon, up into my stomach, traveling up my gullet, into my brain stem and then blowing my fucking head clean off. The walls will be splattered with my meager brain, and why? All because I tried to stifle a fart. It's wrong and inhumane.

The whole world is so uptight, we need to relax a little and the first step is farting freely. I believe there would be less tension, violence and even WAR, if everyone was encouraged to fart loud and proud whenever the mood takes them.

Of course the downside might be the huge methane cloud that blocks out the sun and ends life as we know it, but at least everyone will be free from the painful effects of wind.

Blizz obviously feels the same way and we were able to regain our guild name.

Let your farts go free people!

Monday, 3 April 2017

WoW Bucket List

In Febuary 2017, I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (Leukaemia/cancer of the blood). People often use the word "life-changing" for things like this, and, though it sounds a bit cliché and trite, that is the only word that come close to how I feel. As soon as the diagnosis came though, my entire world shifted on its axis, and in turn, so did the worlds of those who love me.

Reading Navi's Post about her losing her friend to breast cancer and how empty she felt without Luxi in-game, made me realize more than ever that I just have to stop sweating the small stuff, I have to learn that whilst I have such huge and high expectations from myself, that it's unrealistic to ask the same from others. The thing is I can't be anyone but me both in game and out. What you see here, in World of Warcraft and at home/work and play is the same person.. I don't put on my 'internet hat' and become someone else when I turn on the computer.

There are people in Grumpy's that are more family to me than some of my real family. I've never had any trouble making friends, but oddly I don't have many female friends.. I prefer men as friends.. they are less work, not as bitchy, quite low maintenance and we seem to have more in common. There is quite a few girls in the guild that I should really make a better effort to get to know. Weeko for instance (our druid heals), is probably one of the most sweetest people that I have ever known. Her accent is southern I think and it's really melodious, I wish she would talk more on Discord - her voice relaxes me for some reason. Weeko and I are the only girls left on the raid team now (something we have to rectify!).. but I digress and have gone off topic (as usual).

The last few days has seen me a bit down in the dumps. People in the guild that I thought were friends, really turned out to not be. Things that I told them in confidence have been told to others. Chats in Discord between Officers and other guildies have been relayed incorrectly and gossiped about.. And all this always comes back to me and causes such unnecessary drama and angst.

I blog here as an outlet. I am not going to 'watch what I say' in case I offend a reader. Here I have the power of Free Speech. Here on this blog is my sanctuary to vent my frustrations to the world.. and it doesn't worry me in the slightest if no one even reads my words, because blogging is something that I do for me.

So today I made a 'WoW Bucket List' to go with my real life one.

  • Stop sweating the small stuff
  • Put yourself first for once
  • Stop holding peoples hands, you are NOT their Mother.
  • Make a new guildie friend each and every week
  • Globally mute that person that rudely and constantly talks over you in Discord
  • Learn to say NO and stick to your guns
  • Finish off those achievements you have been wanting to do, but never seem to have time for
  • Level all 23 Alts to 110
  • Delegate Delegate Delegate more to other Officers
  • Spend more time with the Frostwolves on Saurfang
  • Play the game.. like it's a game.. not a 2nd Job.

I will let you know how all this goes in a few months!

Something's not quite right

No this post isn't about Suramar city "Illusion what are you hiding" as the title may have suggested. This is about RNG and Legendaries.

Time played on my main toon 'Foreva' 

She currently has 5 Legendaries after 53 days of time played in Legion.

 Time played on my ALT mage 'Freakyfred'

My mage has 3 Legendaries and that is basically 1 per week, for the whole 3 weeks he has been 110.

The time it takes me to get my 6th legendary on Foreva will take as long as it took to get all 5 previous legendaries.The 7th/8th legendary might as well be unobtainable.

This is absolutely crushing to people that have bad RNG and never got their spec's BIS Legendary. Not even to mention the people that want the opportunity to switch specs sometime or another.

I would happily trade all but one legendary on Foreva for the healing trinket. But I think I would have a better chance of just applying to swap mains to my mage.

Am a very sad Panda.😭

Sunday, 2 April 2017

The 1% Factor

Being a GM often means you are like that bartender in 'Cheers', you know your patrons so well that you have their favorite drink on the bar as they walk in the door. No questions needed. It also means that you are a confidante to their most private of secrets and a sounding board or a shoulder to lean on when times get hard. But you also have to be prepared to be the mediator for when guildies fall out with other guildies and to never take sides or play favorites at any time. And it's hard.. really hard at times to be all those things and still play the game the way you want to.

Sometimes it feels like I am the unwilling participant in the 'Telephone Game' - you know the one where the first person in a line or a circle whispers a word or phrase into the ear of the person sitting or standing to their right. The game continues by players whispering the phrase to their neighbors and so forth until it reaches the last player in line.

99% of the time, when I hear complaints about other people in the guild, they are usually pretty spot on - particularly when I hear the same thing from 2 or 3 different people, but it's that 1% that I dread. And it's usually from a person that I really like, respect and admire.. which makes it all a hundred times harder to deal with the fact that they are exaggerating or twisting the truth for some weird obscure reason. It's the 'He said', 'She said' crap that really does my head in. ( I never liked it back in High School and I certainly don't enjoy it now.. some 30 years later!)

So I have learnt to sit back and listen to their opinions, knowing that somewhere in the middle of all the foot stamping tirade there is a hint of the truth and that small scent is what I have to find and deal with.. somehow.. someway.

An old ex guild member reached out to me just before and he confronted me about conflict between some of our guild members and himself. Now.. I don't hold grudges if people leave the guild.. I get that every person wants something different in the game (I did too and that is why I started my own guild wayyyyy back in  the Burning crusade), but I really regret the way his alts and his wife's alts were treated and for that I can only blame myself.. 1 for removing them from the guild and 2 for not catching the truth admist the lies from that 1%

So he offered an olive branch as such, which I took.. And invited him and his wife to the fun run on Friday.. I am going to cop ALOT of flak for doing so and am really not looking forward to the 192437000098 questions I am going to get about it.. And am sure that the 1%'r will have something to say..  but sometimes you just have to stop sweating the small stuff, pull up your big girl panties and fly by the seat of your pants.. hoping that you did the right thing.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

A is for AJ

There's so many members of our guild that have become like family to me, so I thought I would do an Alphabet series on the ones that have had the most impact on both my WoW life and Real life. Kicking it off, we will start today with the Letter A.

A is for AJ.

Our youngest guild member and the one with the pottiest mouth too. I first met Aj on Khaz'goroth, like every expansion, I raid on 2 resto shammies on different realms. We were both in the guild 'Smoko' at the time (for non Aussie readers, smoko means a coffee break/smoke break/bio), it was during MoP, in Siege of Orgrimmar.

He was playing his DK at the time and would never utter a peep on Vent. I was told that as soon as a female entered the raid/voip - he would clam up. (It literally took him a month before he would even say Hi in vent lol). As shy as he was, on our very first raid night on Immerseus, he opened trade with me to give me a battlepet and he whispered "Thought you might like it". I was honestly touched.. here was this kid that felt so self conscious about talking in vent with girls around (may have had something to do with his young age too), giving me something as a kind of 'welcome'.

That was probably the first and last time, that I thought Aj was sweet. Don't get me wrong, I love him and have been his 'online mum' now for nearly 6 years and will always have the time of day for him.. But sweet? .. Yeah not so much!

Aj was 12 years old when we first met and after he felt more comfortable being around me, he opened up...and oh boy.. did he OPEN UP. To give you all the best example of the definition of potty mouth and how it meshes with Aj, see this video:

Now I personally am not offended by the word 'Cunt', I have 3 older brothers and my Dad was a Publican - I literally grew up as a tom-boy in the public bar, but bringing Aj to a mostly American guild on Sargeras and introducing him to some of my more 'proper' guild mates.. was interesting to say the least. Then of course when we moved to Thrall, we actually had a warning to give to new recruits about Aj and his potty mouth (We also had a warning about another much loved guild member 'Gam'.. but that's a post for another day). We would basically let new members know that Aj's favorite word was Cunt and that in Australia, that word could literally mean 'best mate' or 'old bastard' or simply.. just cunt.

You either love Aj or you hate him.. there is no in between. He was a tough little kid back in the day, that grew up too fast. Due to an illness, he is mostly confined to a wheelchair. He's always surrounded himself with adults and doesn't have too many friends of his own age. We've watched him grow up, he is now 18 and still the same.. Types faster than he talks, still swears up a storm and is still talked about fondly in guild. He plays mostly on Khaz' now, but he can usually be found on our Discord on our Friday Fun Nights, being Gam's wingman and singing:

Fortunately on our guild website and recruitment posts, we always end with this Disclaimer: " We do not abide by political correctness. If you are offended by non-politically correct jokes or adult oriented humour this is probably not the guild for you."

I should start re-directing them to this blog on our App 😏